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The Retro Helmet is a modern leather fire helmet built to the pre-1998 specifications. These specs include traditional Retro brass, reflective trim lower on the dome, a flatter brim shape, and fitment to wear without a ratchet.

This is the option to build a Retro Helmet the way you want it out of the box, fully customized. Custom Orders take approximately 4 months for the factory to build. The helmet is made from the ground up for the person buying it. More customizing, not off the rack, and truly 'your' helmet. Potentially cheaper than the in stock helmets as all customizing is part of the helmet package, but you have the extended build times.

Order FAQ

Read the following information for before ordering.

They will be available in any color offering that the factory offers - gloss black, red, yellow, white, blue, and natural. These helmets are factory painted. New for 2020 - Your helmet can be top coated by RagTop Industries - Flat Black, 50/50 Black, RagTop Red.
N5A/N6A: Sizes will be medium or large. BE SURE TO KNOW YOUR HAT SIZE WHEN ORDERING. Mediums will comfortably fit a 7 3/8 without a ratchet. If you are closer to 7 1/2, consider a large. Typically anything beyond 7 3/8 will be a size large. G5A Sizing: Mediums run small. If your hat size is a 7 3/8 or larger, consider a size large G5A.
All Retro Helmets as of 2019 come with the new style washable liner with cloth forehead pad - mandated by the factory. We can install the old style liner for an additional fee of $150.00 and you will get to keep the stock liner as a loose part. We will NOT remove your liner and place it in our inventory to discount the price. The new style new liner is designed to be removed easily and placed in an included mesh bag for laundering/decon. Fitment will be set up to fit like the old style leather liner. Earflaps will be to pre-MSA specifications, making them EASY to tuck in. Helmet will be set up to wear without the ratchet. For those looking for the lowest ride height on their helmets, a deep suspension can be installed for an additional $50.00. This service is normally $65.00 for all other helmets that are sent in for repair/refurb - since you are committing to a new helmet, we will gladly discount this service.
Retro brass is STANDARD on all Retro Helmet orders. You may elect to sent in a custom front holder made by F&T Products - we will install it for no additional fee. Also now available: Blacked Out Retro Brass Also available: Retro Black Brass - same exact retro front holder used on all helmets, except modified in collaboration with Taylor's Tins. Looks great with Rag Top Flat Black and red helmets. Cost is $15.00 extra to your helmet.
All colors of reflexite tetrahedrons are available. **Scotchlite** comes in two different materials. Scotchlite cloth tetrahedrons is the same striping material found on turnout gear. Scotchlite tape is the reflective striping material found on fire apparatus. Please specify which type of scotchlite. **NEW REFLECTIVE TRIM - RETRO TETRAHEDRONS: We now offer reproduction tetrahedrons made out of scotchlite tape. These are lime green and are cut to the same exact dimensions as the original reflexite used in the mid 1980s and early 90s. Color is almost an exact match. You have to be up close to the material to tell the difference. This is a perfect way to complete your Retro Helmet, by using reflective trim that replicates the look and authenticity of the originals.
Shipping is not included with these prices. Shipping is billed to your door from ours via UPS and includes insurance and signature confirmation. Someone will have to sign for the helmet for it to be delivered. NO EXCEPTIONS. Please note to save on shipping costs, your helmet will not be shipped in a factory box. It will be shipped in a box from RagTop designed to save on shipping costs and provide the same level of protection.
Orders get submitted at the beginning of each month. Once the order is submitted, it takes the factory approx. 4 months to build the Custom Helmet orders. Once helmets arrive in our shop, the Retro features are installed/applied and the helmet is shipped out. Turn around time could be better, but the helmet is truly made for YOU like it should be.
Full payment is required for your custom order to be placed. Customers will be notified via email when their helmets are ready; customers will then receive tracking information direct from UPS. Payments accepted for individual orders include: PayPal (friends & family only), Venmo, Credit Card, United States Post Office Money Orders (USPS MO) Fire Departments: Purchase Orders (PO), department check, or certified money order Absolutely no personal checks will be accepted. Please be aware credit card payments will be subjected to a 3% credit card fee applied to the order.

DISCLAIMER: Capital City Fire Helmets LLC or RagTop Industries are not associated with MSA or Cairns Helmets in any way. MSA Cairns does not consent to any modifications to their helmets nor will they honor any warranty on these helmets. Any repairs made to MSA or Cairns Helmets are only authorized by MSA's repair facility, per MSA. Any materials used on these helmets in our shop are available via third party vendors in which you can purchase and install yourself. If you wish to send us a privately owned helmet to have any work performed, then you are consenting to have Capital City Fire Helmets LLC work on your property. MSA does not assume any liability with your helmet after any work is performed. Helmets are purchased from as a display piece only and are not intended for use.

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