Generally no. We occasionally have a restored leather or two that we will sell via social media, but that is rare. We do sell new composite helmets, however, which are entirely modular and fully customizable! Currently, we're offering customizable Cairns 1010's, Cairns 1044's & Morning Pride Ben-2's. You can find them available for order under the 'RagTop Customs' banner in the main menu of the site.

No. RagTop & Capital City Fire Helmets had actually reorganized Retro Helmet operations during the summer of 2021. CCFH was able to fully integrate them into their own system, so you can get all things Retro from them directly now, just like you would have done from us in the past. You can get in contact and stay up to date with them through social media ('Capital City Fire Helmets' on Facebook and @capitalcityfirehelmets on Instagram).

Yes! All of the new retro helmet orders that were placed prior to the reorganization of operations will still get built and customized by both RagTop Ind. & CCFH. Once all of those orders have been fulfilled, they will be out of our hands entirely and all things retro can be found through CCFH with the exception of retro brass and other helmet hardware.

With hundreds of helmets on order at any given time and all with different requests, it is not a simple task of taking one helmet from one order group to backfill a previous order. When the helmets are ordered, they are assigned an order group and remain in that group for tracking and logistics. Any cross-over between order groups could potentially mean your custom request gets mixed up, or the helmet itself could be misallocated.

Please email ragtopindustries@gmail.com for information regarding the status of your order. Please include your name and your order number in the email. If you don't hear back from us for quite some time, feel free to give the shop a call during the weekdays, Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (EST)

The easiest way to get a quote is to use the “Restore” page on our website at: https://ragtopfire.com/pages/restore-your-helmet. This will let you choose all of the available services and you can view the prices attached to every individual service! After you submit a form, the estimate may take up to 72 hours to be sent to your email. 

That's totally up to you actually. A full helmet refurb may include numerous things such as a repaint, new helmet hardware, crack filling, new tets, and new soft goods such as your liner or chinstrap. However, there is always much more that can be done to a single helmet in whatever condition that is serviceable/applicable for work!

Our loot is available on our website at: https://ragtopfire.com/collections. Keep an eye on our social media to find out when new shirts, decals, and other items are going to drop. Most items go on sale often if they are in an abundance of stock, so don't miss out on those exclusive deals! they don't always last forever.

Sorry, but we cannot. We’ve worked hard over the last 10 years to develop and perfect our process, and while we love talking about helmets and our craft; this is a business, and our shop staff relies on this business to support their families.


RagTop Shipping Insurance was developed out of our dissatisfaction with commercial shipping insurance.  We’ve found that commercial shipping insurance is not affordable to insure for the full value of the item.  We’ve been maxed out at an $800 value on the item to try to keep it affordable for the customer.  This means that, if the package is lost, the customer is potentially not getting back the true value of his/her helmet.  Commercial insurance is also a lengthy and complicated process, with a minimum of a 90-day investigation. 


We at RagTop want to make an easy, affordable way to insure the customer’s package in its entirety. RagTop Shipping Insurance covers the ENTIRE cost of the helmet, including upgrades and/or repairs- for the same cost as traditional commercial insurance!  There are no lengthy investigations, meaning, if after 30 days a package is lost, RagTop Shipping Insurance pays out!  We will replace the customer’s helmet in like kind and quality or monetary value.