Retro Divison


The Retro Division by CCFH & RagTop. 

The Retro Division was born out of the joint effort of Ashley Shapiro of Capital City Fire Helmets and Pete Callan of RagTop Industries to combine business operations under one roof, under the RagTop brand, but to have a separate division encompassing all aspects of the Retro fire helmet. 

This division will be headed by both Ashley Shapiro of CCFH and Pete Callan of RagTop and will primarily operate out of RagTop’s Lunar Drive location in Woodbridge, CT. 

CCFH will still maintain it's website and social media pages for content to be viewed if/when posted. Those can be found here:


ALL points of contact however will run primarily through Rag Top.



 Available through Retro Division will be: 

- In Stock option for Retro N5As (will be announced when helmets become available)

- Ability to custom order N5A and N6A Retro Helmets 

- Option to have your helmet repainted by Rag Top’s Refurb Division and finished to pre-MSA specs by the Retro Division

- Option to either send in an 880 or do a ground up build for a CCFH 880 Conversion

- Hand fitted Retro Brass and crowns

- Blacked out Retro Brass

- Retro Tetrahedrons

- Liner and suspension adjustments for a ’no ratchet’ fitment

Over the next few months we will be using our joined resources to streamline the services we will be able to offer you, as well as expand to offer more Retro products to the industry.

For various pictures of these items stay tuned to our social media or check out the Retro picture gallery:


Here's a little bit about our In-stock vs Custom order options

Retro Helmets In stock vs. Custom Helmets

In stock options are available by going to our online store. Stock is not guaranteed at all times, but will be announced when replenished. Helmets to be stocked are:

Retro N5As

Factory Black

Medium and Large

Black Thin Earflaps

Traditional Retro Brass

Quick Release Postman Slide Chinstrap

Bourke Eyeshields

Retro Tetrahedrons

Option to install deep suspension for $50.00


If your looking to purchase a helmet that differs from the in stock helmets, please order one of our Custom Retro Helmets.


Custom leather and 880 Helmet options are available by visiting our Custom order forms under the Retro Tab. This is the option to build a Retro Helmet the way you want it out of the box, fully customized. Custom Leather Orders take approximately 4 months for the factory to build. The helmet is made from the ground up for the person buying it. More customizing, not off the rack, and truly 'your' helmet. Potentially cheaper than the in stock helmets as all customizing is part of the helmet package, but you have the extended build times.

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