RagTop Adjustable Suspension (6 Point)

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Enhance the fitment of your fire helmet with the RagTop Adjustable Suspension System (patent pending). Replace your current suspension with a fully adjustable one, giving you full control over the depth of your helmet with ease. Fit your fire helmet the way you want it to.

This suspension is easy to install and easy to adjust. With flame resistant velcro, and 100% Nomex® straps and stitching, the durable and flexible build of this webbing will last the test of time! Offers 1.5" of adjustment room.

Suspension size is dependent on your helmet size, i.e. a medium helmet takes a medium suspension, and a large helmet takes a large suspension. Alternative 4 point suspension system for other helmet models coming soon. Check compatibility list prior to purchase.



  N5A, N6A
LION®   American Heritage



LION® American Heritage™ will require additional modifications to it's hardware in order to properly install the suspension system. Until our tutorial video is available, please contact us for installation details prior to purchase.


In order to replace your stock helmet suspension system with the adjustable suspension, you must cut the stock suspension out, permanently altering the helmet and losing the original suspension. Upon cutting away the stock suspension, you void all helmet safety certification.


"Works like a charm. Fits perfectly, far better than any leather I've ever tried on. Thanks again!"

P. Zartman