Helmet refurbishment is more of an art to us than a business. We like to wake up in the morning and do cool s**** & take pride in the fact that every helmet doesn't look the same as the last one. We encourage you to think outside the box and task us with creating something BadA**. We aren't the fastest, biggest or most popular shop around, But we love what we do. 

****RagTop Decal Packs are now available!!!*****
Only $15.95 and includes our 2" & 5" RagTop Logo, 6" RagTop Graffiti logo and 2" "R" logo.  
2 ways to order: 
PayPal: Address is ragtopshop@yahoo.com Please include your shipping address in the comments section. 
U.S. Mail: Mail Cash or Money order to:
P.O.Box 6029
Hamden, CT

Decals will ship within 48hrs of receiving payment.  

RagTop Fire Helmets & Restoration has been in operation since 2010. 
Please take a look around our site, and contact us at:
ragtopfirehelmets@gmail.com should you have any questions, or would like a quote. 
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