Frequently Asked Questions


A: Yes! We have new helmet orders available on our website for N5A's. Pick your size, and pay for the customization options later. Choose your specs and build your helmet all in one spot. We also sell composite helmets, fully customizable. Currently, we're offering customizable Cairns 1010's, Cairns 1044's & Morning Pride Ben-2's.
A: With hundreds of helmets on order at any given time, and all with different requests, it is no simple task of taking one helmet from one order bracket to backfill a previous order in another bracket. When the helmets are ordered, they are assigned a specified order bracket, and remain in that bracket for tracking/logistics. Any overlap between order groups like these could potentially mean your custom request gets mixed up, or the helmet itself could be mis-allocated.
A: Please email for information regarding the status of your refurb or new helmet order. Please include your name and order number in the email. If you don't hear back from us for an extended period of time, feel free to give the shop a call at 203-672-5705 during the weekdays, Mon-Fri from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (EST) 
A: Use the “Restore Your Leather” tab on our website from the main menu to submit a refurbishment form, and obtain a quote.  After you submit a form, the estimate may take up to 72 hours to be sent to your email. You can view the prices attached to every individual service on this form as well.
A: That's totally up to you! A full helmet refurb may include numerous things such as a repaint, new helmet hardware, small repairs, new tets, and new soft goods such as a liner or chinstrap. However, there's always much more that can be done to a single helmet in whatever condition that is serviceable or applicable for work!
A: Our merchandise is available in the shop tab from the main menu. Keep an eye on our social media to find out when new shirts, decals, and other items are going to release. Most items go on sale often if they are in an abundance of stock, so don't miss out for those exclusive deals!
A: Sorry, but we cannot. We’ve worked hard over the last 10 years to develop our process, and while we love talking about helmets, and our craft, this is a business, and our shop staff relies on this business to support their families. In the future, we may create some basic how-to videos on various helmet topics, though it is not a high priority as of the current moment. 
A: All helmets being shipped require RagTop Shipping Insurance.  RagTop Shipping Insurance was developed out of our dissatisfaction with commercial shipping insurance.  We’ve found that commercial shipping insurance is not affordable to insure for the full value of the item.  We’ve been maxed out at an $800 value on the item to try to keep it affordable for the customer.  This means that, if the package is lost, the customer is potentially not getting back the true value of his/her helmet.  Commercial insurance is also a lengthy and complicated process, with a minimum of a 90-day investigation. We at RagTop want to make an easy, affordable way to insure the customer’s package in its entirety.
RagTop Shipping Insurance covers the ENTIRE cost of the helmet, including upgrades and/or repairs- for the same cost as traditional commercial insurance!  There are no lengthy investigations, meaning, if after 30 days a package is lost, RagTop Shipping Insurance pays out!  We will replace the customer’s helmet in like kind and quality or monetary value. 

A: The dome and brim of your leather fire helmet is both adhered and stitched together during the assembly process from the factory, naturally leaving behind a slight gap between the two parts. Typically, this thin gap is then filled in with different kinds of filler compounds such as an epoxy, caulk, or a contact cement.

Over time, this filler compound can deteriorate and reveal the gap, causing concern to the user at first glance, though this would occur for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, there isn't anything to worry about so long as the stitching along your dome is still attached to your brim, and that the gap isn't drastically enlarge or pushing away from the stitching.

Your helmet will NOT fall apart if it is in that condition, and is NOT compromised in any way. At RagTop Fire, we will use a two-part epoxy compound to fill in this gap, or apply Phenoseal® Vinyl Adhesive Caulk depending on the size of the gap.