About RagTop

As the industry leader in fire helmet repaints, refurbishment & customization, we make quality our standpoint!

We've been in the fire helmet restoration business since 2010, giving us the distinction of being one of the longest-running companies out there. With well over 1000+ refurbishments to date, our work passes the test everyday in some of the busiest cities across America.

At RagTop, we can offer you an expansive variety of fire helmet services to create the most streamlined customization and restoration experience. From repaints to new hardware and modifications - we can do it for you right!

Our goal to maintain your helmets quality and servicabilty is above all else. We deliver 100% of that quality with 100% of the time and effort, no matter what. Being experienced with many helmet models allows us to get the job done effectively and efficiently.

With the newest addition of RagTop Customs, we can also offer you fully customizable leather and composite fire helmets available right through us! No hassle. No worries. All in one spot.

The Team

Pete Callan

Founder & Owner

Pete Callan is the owner and operator of RagTop starting in 2008/9 with repairing Poly-Carbonate helmets. Pete then branched out into servicing leather helmets for the local CT area where leather services quickly came into demand.

RagTop operated out of Pete's home until 2015, where they then expanded into their Woodbridge facility. The shop now encompasses a larger facility in Hamden, covering approximately 3000 sqft.

Pete Started his fire service career in 1999 as a volunteer with the Dunbar Hill Fire Department in Hamden, CT. In 2003, he joined the United States Air Force as a Firefighter, continuing after his 4 years Active Duty into the Connecticut Air National Guard until 2014. Pete Served 3 tours in the Middle East, 2005 in Kirkuk, Iraq with the 506th AEG, 2006 & 2009 in Kuwait with the 386th AEG. In 2014, Pete was hired by the City of New Haven, CT.

Mike Persico

Shop Manager & Helmet Tech

Mike started with RagTop in 2015 to help with the evergrowing volume of leather helmets for refurbishment. After a year apprenticing, Mike now ensures the shop runs 5 days a week to keep up with demand.

He started his Fire Service career in 1987 with the City of New Haven, later retiring after 25 years. Mike's assignments included Engine 4, TAC 2, and he was a founding member of the city's Squad Companies; assigned to Squad Company 1 as the Assigned Driver.

Mike is an incredibly talented artist who regularly paints detailed, small scale World War II models in his hobby. You can follow his work on Instagram here.

John Simmon

Helmet Technician

John began working at RagTop in November of 2020. He is a member of the Chesire Fire Department since 2013, and is currently a Leiutenant.

A veteran of the USAF; He served in 2016 through 2020, runnning security forces, nuclear convoys, and law enforcment.

Most days in the restoration process, John breaks down helmets for dissasembly so we can get them ready for stripping. He also helps clean up helmets for paint prep, and keeps a ton of areas in the shop organized, and clean.

Joseph Persico

Media Specialist

Not long after high school, Joseph joined the team in late February of 2021, initially starting as our shipper, assisting the shop in packaging and fulfilling store orders, as well as intaking helmets for restoration work.

Nearly a month later, his role expanded into becoming the shop social media specialist. He creates all sorts of content for our page and website.

Joseph handles all of our DM's on social media, and works apace with our office manager in various areas of the shop. If you're contacting us through our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, it's more than likely that you're talking to him.