Modifications Explained


Deep suspension is an internal modification to your helmet's suspension webbing. The entire suspension system is a modified, adjustable webbing, made to fit your helmet at a depth that works best for you. It can be easily adjusted by hand with or without a liner installed, and is made out of 100% Nomex® fabric and thread, and paired with heat resistant velcro.

Deep suspension is one of our most popular helmet modifications, and is usually recommended for those looking for a lower, and more comfortable fit for their helmet. Especially for newer helmets as their ride height tends to rest significantly high up on your head, even with the padding removed from the top of the suspension system.

With an adjustable deep suspension, you can achieve the most practical ride height tailored just to you. It’s easily accessible right at your fingertips, and doesn’t require any significant tampering with your helmet's suspension clips when installed. DIY - Made with user accessibility in mind!



Liner modifications are physical alterations to your earflaps, only applicable to helmet liners utilizing Nomex® flaps. These modifications are made to help achieve a more practical fit in your helmet, especially when your flaps are folded in. We’ve also created these liner modifications to best emulate the old-school look and feel of helmet liners from the past. Our current modifications include cutting your flaps down, thinning them out, and sewing your liner together (if applicable).

- Cutting Down: Shortens your earflaps down to 4.5” in length as opposed to the stock factory length of 6”. This helps create more room inside your helmet when folded in, and takes off some extra fabric from bulking up around the back of your head and neck. This also helps remove fabric bulking on top of your head, simultaneously creating more depth in the fitment.

- Thinning Out: Thins out the thickness of your flaps by a single layer, creating a two-ply material rather than the standard three-ply factory layer. This helps in lightening your liner altogether, and closer emulates the build of old school helmet liners.

- Sewing Together: Converts your two-piece liner into a single piece liner while retaining the slots for use of a ratchet. Only applicable for helmet liners manufactured in 2019+ and best applied to liners with other modifications for combined utility. We hear about two-piece liners detaching rather easily when popping your helmet on and off of your head, so we created this service as a direct and easy fix.



Fitment for no ratchet takes all of the liner modifications that were explained above, and pairs them with our adjustable deep suspension to achieve a comfortable, yet snug fit without the need for a ratchet system in your helmet. Having to adjust the ratchet when equipping/removing your helmet can be a pestering extra step for some people, so modifying your helmet liner and suspension system will allow you to bypass that process.

The ratchets themselves can always be removed and reinstalled in your fire helmet, so it's best to see how your helmet fits on your head without it, or with the ratchet fully loosened first, so you can determine whether or not wearing your helmet without the ratchet system is a viable option for you.



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