Terms of Service



By purchasing our products, you agree to use accurate and correct account information. You agree to keep your account information up to date including forms of payment, email address, full name and all shipping information. RagTop Industries is not responsible for any errors in client information and shipping services if their respected fields are not maintained/updated by the customer and (or) reported through the proper procedures to the staff. 


Product quality including, but not limited to, apparel, drinkware, decals, helmet hardware and equipment, ect. is subject to change prior to full availability or after its availability. Our goal is to maintain the exact same goods used for our products for merchandise consistency and user quality. Changes to these kinds of items may occur at any time with or without notice. The staff will do their best to update the consumer universally via the website and social media platforms. 


By joining the RagTop Shirt/Hoodie Club you are agreeing to the monthly purchase and delivery of the apparel of the month selected by RagTop Industries. You agree to purchase such apparel monthly unless and until you terminate your membership to the RagTop Shirt/Hoodie Club as described in the product informational graphics. New subscribers will be billed on the day of sign-up and reoccurring billing will occur on the 20th of every month going forward after the initial month. Your subscription to the RagTop Shirt/Hoodie Club will automatically renew and will charge your card the subscription price on the 20th of every month using the payment method you provide when you join unless you cancel prior to renewal as provided in the product informational graphics. All subscription changes, cancellations and new sign-ups must be made on or before the 19th of every month.

Taxes may apply based on your shipping address. Payments are not eligible for refunds or returns under any circumstance once your payment has been processed; your initial payment to us is non-cancellable by you and subsequent payments are cancellable only in advance of our billing date at the next billing cycle; however, RagTop Industries may, in its sole discretion, agree to reverse a charge if it meets the specified criteria under the informative statements of the subscription product. Please refer to the info graphics and product descriptions of all subscriptions for up to date information and specifications on refund and return policies, or read below for subscription returns/refund policies. 





Subscription items CAN NOT be returned or refunded after initial delivery. No exceptions. Your apparel items can be changed however. You must contact us prior to the subscription renewal/cut-off date in order to change your subscription details. Any changes, cancellations or new sign-ups must be made on or before the 19th of every month.





Refunds, along with their specifications & prerequisites, are subject to change with or without notice. Refunds applicable to any product may be issued under RagTop Industries’ sole discretion if they meet the specified prerequisites. If your order is lost during transit, a refund or replacement is typically applied as long as it is reported by the customer. 

  • Apparel must not have been worn, dirtied, damaged (unless affected during transit) , altered or owned for more than 7 days in order to be eligible for any form of refund/replacement.  
  • Stickers must not have been peeled, altered, owned for more than 7 days or damaged (unless affected during transit) in order to be eligible for any form of refund/replacement.
  • Helmet hardware & fire equipment must not have been altered, damaged (unless affected during transit) , installed, worn, dirtied or owned for more than 7 days in order to be eligible for any form of refund/replacement. 
  • Drinkware must not have been damaged (unless affected during transit) , altered, dirtied, washed, used or owned for more than 7 days in order to be eligible for any form of refund/replacement.


By purchasing a RagTop E-Gift Card(s) you agree to pay for the equal value of the card(s) specified. You agree to use the cards value when the applicable code is entered under an individual purchase at checkout. E-gift cards are non-replaceable, non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances whatsoever.