New Helmet Orders: Update/Reminder

New Helmet Orders: Update/Reminder


New N5A helmet orders placed prior to April, 2023 are currently due to arrive by early 2024 (Q1-Q2)
New N5A helmet orders placed from April, 2023 onward are due to arrive by late 2024 (Q3-Q4)


After the most recent price increase went into affect just this past April, delivery timeframes were subsequently pushed out by only a few months. Originally, those timeframes were estimated to arrive within 6-9 months when ordered between January, 2023 - March, 2023.

To reiterate, those delivery timeframes are now expected to arrive by early 2024 (was 6-9 months). Only a small amount of early January orders have arrived since the change in delivery. We are still working on early January orders as of this moment.

NOTE: Delivery timeframes from the factory are subject to change with or without notice. Any changes to those estimated deliveries are entirely out of our control, but we'll be sure to notify you if any significant changes occur. Check back to the news feed on the website for the latest delivery ETAs and information.


We recently just pulled some early January orders to start customizations. Currently, customization turnaround time is still within 8-10 weeks upon pulling your helmet into the shop.

Flat Black and Deep RagTop Red continue to be the hottest paint colors for new builds since we opened orders. Take a look at some of the recent builds we completed: