Superior Durability

Ultimate Dexterity

Extrication Mitts

Equip yourself with lightweight, durable, thin, and breathable low-profile extrication gloves. With an A5 level cut rating, these gloves boast a simple design and practical level of protection for your hands, all while maintaining a sturdy and comfortable build.

A full Kevlar outer shell without overly-reinforced points gets you a sleek an optimal glove at the end of the day! The ribbed padded knuckles, bolstered inner layer, and kevlar laminated finger backing gets you just what you'd need out of your extrication gloves and with no drawbacks.

Glove Specs

Forget the bulky and over-reinforced extrication gloves you've been using all this time. Get the modern glove you never knew you needed. Take a look at some specs and build information below:

  • Premium materials for an entirely new and ergonomic glove design

  • ANSI level 5 cut rating, requires 2,000-2,999 gm of force to cut through

  • 100% Kevlar outer shell and cuff

  • Lightweight and dexterous build with durability and longevity in mind

  • Full black Kevlar inner layer, equates to 2 total layers of protection

  • Reinforced outer palm and enhanced finger crotches

  • Sculpted fingertips for optimized flexibility

  • Kevlar lamination along the back-side of the fingers

  • Ribbed padded knuckles for added protection


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