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Fire Duty Mitts

Grab yourself a pair of the most comfortable, premium quality, low-profile structural gloves out there. Built for firefighting and built to last; These structural gloves offer enhanced dexterity with top-of-the-line materials in mind all while boasting a sleek, low-profile build.

We designed these gloves to be much easier to don when wet, reinforced multiple points for added thermal protection and durability, and have triple sewn the liner without any trade-offs. We are confident that the Fire Duty Mitts will suit your needs on the fireground where other gloves have failed to deliver.

"Even after they were wet and I had to put them back on after changing bottles, it was just as easy as the first time I put them on!"

Brian O.

"They fit great! I put them in warm water for about 10 minutes. Had NO issues getting a wet hand in or out. Have them with me on shift today. So far so good!"

John S.

"Initial thoughts on the glove after putting them on for the first time - they’re unreal! Excellent product guys keep up the good work!"

Bryce S.

"Instantly noticed they're pretty broke in [...] great in my opinion. The shaping on the fingertips is amazing, I finally don't feel like a lego figure trying to grab things."

Grayson R.

"[...] By far better dexterity than other manufacturers. Hopefully one day the sewing can be done by a union shop in the northeast. Stellar work."

Ryan H.

"Can confirm, best glove I've ever worn."

Matt H.

"Feel true to size, great quality and dexterity. Can’t wait to put them to use."

Alex M.

Glove Specs

Your next glove for fire duty is a practical one designed in the USA, and built with longevity in mind. Start wearing a glove that meets your needs on the fireground! Take a look at some specs and build information below:

  • Premium materials for an entirely new, original glove design

  • Utilized Kangaroo leather to naturally flex and shape to your hand over time

  • Easy to put on when wet

  • Lightweight and dexterous build with durability and longevity in mind

  • Open palm-side wristlet and modified inner palm for comfort

  • Reinforced outer palm and enhanced finger crotches

  • Sculpted fingertips for enhanced flexibility

  • Designed to follow the natural taper of your finger from the knuckle to the fingertip

  • Ribbed padded knuckles for added thermal protection

  • Reinforced liner to prevent it from pulling inside-out



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