The Process

Arrival & Inspection
Once your helmet arrives into the RagTop shop, it is logged into our system, and a notification is generated to you the client. Your helmet is unpackaged, pre-restoration pictures are taken, and the pre-inspection is started. Our pre-inspection is a 10 point safety inspection encompassing the entire helmet but also focuses on the impact and general protection of the helmet. Grading on a scale of 1-5, 5 being in top condition. Clients are notified with any remarkable findings not previously discussed.
In conjunction with your pre-inspection, your helmet is disassembled and each part is tagged and put into your customer bin where they will remain for the duration of the refurbish process until final assembly and can be sent back at your request.
After detail prepping is completed, your helmet moves into the primer stage where primer is applied by HVLP in our contaminant free paint booth.
After a 24-hour dry time, the appropriate amounts of paint is applied over a 4 day time period.